Magic The Gathering Draws Larger And Larger Crowds

The Wizards collectible card game Magic the Gathering has grown at a steady rate since it’s inception in the 1990s, with competition heating up in tournaments all over the world. Players assume the role of a planes walker, powerful magicians who can cast spells and summon creatures to defeat other planes walkers. The game has expanded on a global level, with the yearly World Championships drawing players from many countries across all continents.

Magic has a fantasy theme as part of it’s storyline, with game lore focusing heavily on the interaction between five different kinds of magic. The five magics are represented by colors, namely red, green, white, blue, and black. Each of these colors have mana symbols associated with them, as can be seen in many Magic the Gathering t shirts. Players balance the strengths and weaknesses of the five colors when building decks in order to construct the strongest possible deck type to defeat their opponents.

Magic the Gathering is a simple game to learn, but the strategies and tactics used in the game are very complex given the many different card combinations possible. Players form teams and train together, discussing strategy and deck ideas in order to improve. Tournaments can be a harsh environment for the unprepared, as there are many rounds and games can be very time consuming. The prizes handed out by tournament organizers are well worth the effort, as can be seen in the cash pool and Magic the Gathering t shirt giveaways.

When entering a tournament, it is important to be both physically and mentally prepared in order to maintain the concentration level. Players are also advised to bring adequate food and water, and perhaps a Magic the Gathering tee to stay fresh. Becoming a professional Magic player can be a time consuming process, but the rewards are well worth it.


Pirates of the Caribbean is no Stranger to Success

Johnny Depp reprises his role as Jack Sparrow in the fourth installment of the Pirates franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The Walt Disney theme park ride turned movie franchise has consistently been a box office behemoth, grossing close to $3 billion worldwide in total. The newest offering, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, lacks familiar faces such as Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom and instead replaces them with veteran actors Penelope Cruz and Ian McShane. Geoffrey Rush returns as Captain Hector Barbossa.

On Stranger Tides revolves around Jack Sparrow’s search for the mythical Fountain of Youth. Joining him in his quest is his past love, the beautiful con artist Angelica Malon (Penelope Cruz). Complicating things is the legendary pirate Blackbeard (Ian McShane), who forces Jack to join him in the search for the fountain of youth. With a ragtag crew of pirates and eerie zombies, Blackbeard aims to avert a prophecy that foretells his death at the hands of a one-legged man. Incidentally, returning character and retired pirate Hector Barbossa is now a one-legged man.

The series is well-known for its focus on adventure spanning across magnificent seascapes and mysterious lands. Captain Jack as played by Johnny Depp orchestrates the madcap adventure with his quirky, irreverent style, frequently relying on his charm and wit to achieve his goals. Depp has cited Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones as a source of inspiration for the character.

The franchise is planning on making a fifth and sixth film in the near future. The fifth installment will be a standalone film, according to initial plans. Depp will remain involved with the franchise as long as he feels comfortable doing so. A video game was initially projected to be released alongside the release On Stranger Tides, but was cancelled after development stalled.

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X-Men:First Class is in Session

The X-Men are back, and this time, younger and sexier than before. The fifth installment of the X-Men movie franchise is a prequel set in the 1960s and will focus on Professor Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr. Before they became Professor X and Magneto, the two were the best of friends, two mutants exploring their powers while learning what it is like living in a world where mutants are feared and discriminated against.

Familiar faces such as Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Wolverine will not be seen much in the movie. Instead, the reboot will feature new mutants such as Emma Frost (The White Queen) of the Hellfire Club, and Alex Summers (Havok), Cyclops’ brother. Other mutants from previous installments will also make an appearance, namely scientist Dr. Hank McCoy (Beast), and shapeshifter Raven Darkholme (Mystique).

Charles Xavier is the founder of the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, a school where young mutants learn how to control their powers for the betterment of society. The students in the school form the superhero team known as the X-Men, who strive to protect a world that hates them. The team’s archenemy is Magneto, a master of magnetism who believes that the world should be ruled by mutants, not by what he considers to be a lesser species in humans.

The movie will also feature the Hellfire Club, a secret society of mutants with plans of world domination. It is headed by Sebastian Shaw (The Black King), played by Kevin Bacon. The Club will be the main antagonists in the movie. Director Matthew Vaughn envisions the film as the first of a trilogy. The tone of the movie is darker, and more mature than previous X-Men films. Bryan Singer, director of the first two X-Men movies, returns as a producer. James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and January Jones star.

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Superman Makes His Move

The DC Comics superhero Superman is the most iconic superhero around, but that hasn’t stopped his fellow superhero Batman from taking center stage in the public consciousness. With a slew of highly successful movies and an endless list of critically acclaimed graphic novels to his name, Batman is now arguably the most prominent superhero in today’s modern age. Parent company Warner Brothers is set to change that perception with the big budget film Superman, Man of Steel, scheduled for release in 2012.

The previous Superman movie, Superman Returns, was largely unsuccessful because it eschewed an action oriented tone in favor of a more personal and human approach. In an effort to change things, producers of the movie have hired noted director Zach Snyder, famous for his stylistic action scenes in movies such as Dawn of the Dead, and 300. The British actor Henry Cavill has been cast as the new Superman, and he will be joined by supporting actors Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, and Diane Lane.

Superman has not always had the strongest roster of enemies, which is why most Superman t-shirt designs focus on the Man of Steel himself. The new movie will again see super villain General Zod, played by Michael Shannon, as the antagonist. General Zod has already been used in the Christopher Reeve Superman movie series, so comic book fans are taking a considered approach when it comes to judging the new movie.

Superman has had many comic book artists illustrate his adventures, none more famous than superstar artist Jim Lee. The Jim Lee Superman, featured in the comic book series Superman For Tomorrow, can often be seen in most Superman t shirt designs. Other notable Superman artists include Alex Ross, whose ultra realistic painting style is well regarded in the comic book community. Superman shirts featuring the iconic S symbol are also very popular.

The Office Says Goodbye to Michael Scott

The Office - Michael Scott t shirtSeason 7 of the hit NBC sitcom The Office will be the last of lead actor Steve Carell, who has decided to focus on his movie career and other personal projects. Steve Carell plays The Office’s bumbling but good hearted boss Michael Scott, the regional manager of the paper company Dunder Mifflin. Michael Scott started out as an incompetent and incorrigible boss that grated on his employee’s nerves, but he grew into a more well rounded character as the seasons progressed.

The exit of Michael Scott will be a difficult but not insurmountable task to overcome, thanks to The Office’s strong ensemble cast. The many characters in the office, as depicted on The Office t shirts, include Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly, Dwight Schrute, and Andy Bernard, to name a few. There are many more characters in the show that have had considerable time for character development, which has led to the family friendly atmosphere in the show.

Many of the characters quirks and personality traits are on full display in many The Office t shirt designs available to buy. Dwight’s love of beets, bears, and Battlestar Galactica has been immortalized in The Office tee form, as is many other meme popularized by the show. As long as the show’s award winning ensemble cast continues to showcase its cohesiveness, the show will be able to weather the storm of Michael’s disappearance from the show.

A star studded final episode in Season 7 did not reveal the office’s new boss, but the finale was able to whet the fans’ appetite for the 8th season. Guest stars for the finale include Jim Carrey, James Spader, Will Arnett, and Catherine Tate. Whatever the case, The Office is poised to enter the post Michael Scott era in a strong position to prove the strength of the entire cast.


Transformers Get Darker

Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots return in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the third instalment of the blockbuster movie franchise. A dark secret is revealed as the Autobots discover a hidden Cybertronian spacecraft on the moon that may threaten Earth’s existence. It’s a race against the Decepticons, who themselves plan to unleash its destructive power on the world.

Joining Autobot leader Optimus Prime are stalwarts Ironhide, Ratchet, and Bumblebee. They will be joined by new Autobots Sideswipe, Mirage, and Silverbolt. The mysterious warrior Sentinel Prime, Optimus’ predecessor, also makes an appearance, though his true intentions are unknown.

Shia LaBeouf returns as Sam Witwicky, friend of the Autobots and Earth’s closest link with the sentient alien robots. Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, as Carly Miller, replaces Megan Fox as Sam’s love interest. Familiar faces Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, and John Turturro also return in their respective roles. Music band Linkin Park’s single Iridescent will be the theme song of the new movie. The popular rock band also provided the theme songs for the first two movies with the singles What I’ve Done, and New Divide. American rock band Paramore will also contribute to the movie’s soundtrack.

The Dreamworks robot franchise was adapted from the Hasbro toy line of the same name released in the 1980s. The franchise’s box office success – over $1.5 billion in grosses worldwide – has revitalized the toy line’s popularity. New toys based on the updated robot models have been selling well, and likewise for the video game adaptations released concurrently with the movies.

Director Michael Bay has said that Dark of the Moon will be his last with franchise, but the series is still expected to continue with or without his involvement. Bay is best known for his big budget action flicks, and stylistic action choreography, as seen in movies like Bad Boys, Armageddon, and The Rock.

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Green Lantern Shines in a Summer of Blockbusters

Set for release in June 2011, Green Lantern is a sci-fi space epic starring Ryan Reynolds in the titular role. Green Lantern is one of the top selling superhero comic books for publisher DC Comics, though the character is not as well-known as pop culture icons Batman, and Superman. The big budget film adaptation is expected to introduce the character to the general public and increase its global profile.

The Green Lantern Corps are an intergalactic police corps formed by the Guardians of the Universe, who are headquartered on the planet Oa. There are many different sectors in space populated by alien races, and each sector is assigned a Green Lantern. Individual Lanterns are selected based on their ability to overcome fear. Each Green Lantern possesses a power ring that channels the bearer’s willpower, enabling them to turn thought into reality. The ring is one of the most powerful weapons in the universe.

Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) becomes the first Green Lantern from the planet Earth when the Corps’ finest warrior, Abin Sur, is critically injured by a powerful fear-entity called Parallax. Abin Sur crash lands on earth, and his power ring seeks out the most deserving candidate as his replacement, the hotshot pilot Hal Jordan. Hal Jordan must learn to harness the incredible powers of the Green Lantern ring as he travels to Oa and joins the other members of the Green Lantern Corps in the battle against Parallax. Joining him is the Korugarian Sinestro, Abin Sur’s best friend and one of the greatest Green Lanterns in the Corps. Other notable members include Kilowog, a hulking alien from the planet Bolovax Vik, who serves as a trainer for rookie Lanterns, and Tomar-Re, a bird-like scientist from the planet Xudar, who serves as Hal Jordan’s spiritual advisor. The film will feature vibrant CGI-rendered alien worlds and creatures and will be shown in 3D.

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