The Wizards collectible card game Magic the Gathering has grown at a steady rate since it’s inception in the 1990s, with competition heating up in tournaments all over the world. Players assume the role of a planes walker, powerful magicians who can cast spells and summon creatures to defeat other planes walkers. The game has expanded on a global level, with the yearly World Championships drawing players from many countries across all continents.

Magic has a fantasy theme as part of it’s storyline, with game lore focusing heavily on the interaction between five different kinds of magic. The five magics are represented by colors, namely red, green, white, blue, and black. Each of these colors have mana symbols associated with them, as can be seen in many Magic the Gathering t shirts. Players balance the strengths and weaknesses of the five colors when building decks in order to construct the strongest possible deck type to defeat their opponents.

Magic the Gathering is a simple game to learn, but the strategies and tactics used in the game are very complex given the many different card combinations possible. Players form teams and train together, discussing strategy and deck ideas in order to improve. Tournaments can be a harsh environment for the unprepared, as there are many rounds and games can be very time consuming. The prizes handed out by tournament organizers are well worth the effort, as can be seen in the cash pool and Magic the Gathering t shirt giveaways.

When entering a tournament, it is important to be both physically and mentally prepared in order to maintain the concentration level. Players are also advised to bring adequate food and water, and perhaps a Magic the Gathering tee to stay fresh. Becoming a professional Magic player can be a time consuming process, but the rewards are well worth it.