Eminem and Justin Bieber


In the world of social networking, the big three platforms for the stars out there are undoubtedly Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Eminem is currently ruling the roost on Facebook having just broken the 30 million fan mark. Lady Gaga is just behind on just under 30 million. Justin Bieber has some ground to make up, currently sitting on just under 29 million.

What about Twitter and YouTube? Well Lady Gaga is just ahead of Justin Bieber on Twitter, though both are in the 8 million region. As for YouTube, that title is currently held by young Mr Bieber with very nearly 1,400 million views.

There’s no doubt who the current rising force is, so I predict Bieber Fever helping Justin overtake Lady Gaga and Eminem to take both of their current top spots in time.

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