In a nutshell, these are the 5 things you didn’t know, but soon will, about the classic video game Pac-Man from the creator of the game Toru Iwatani:

  1. The game was created to attract girls – to computer games that is. The idea was that it would appeal to both sexes.
  2. Each ghost has specific orders – it is only actually Blinky, the red ghost, that pursues you throughout the game.
  3. Do you know how Pac-Man got it’s name?  Well apparently “….In Japanese, “puck puck” is akin to the U.S. saying “munch munch”. So the original name – Puck-Man – translated as “Munch man”. (A savvy Midway Games official changed it to Pac-Man when the game hit the U.S. to discourage vandals from shaving off part of the “P,” thereby creating an obscene word.)”
  4. The one thing Iwatani wanted in the game that didn’t end up there was to have a shelter which would move up and down the screen ‘pinching’ the ghosts.
  5. The ghosts were very nearly all one colour, but despite the request from the president of Namco Iwatani put the question to the testers, non of whom wanted a single colour.

via BruDirect who also credit

So, there you are, if you learn nothing else today, you know a little more about Pac-Man. To give you an excuse to bring up these facts in conversation why not pick up a Pac Man t-shirt.