Led Zeppelin

On this day back in 1970 Led Zeppelin performed under the name ‘The Nobs’ for one time only in Denmark.

The reason? Well, a descendant of the creator of the Zeppelin aircraft, Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, threatened to sue them if they performed under the name Led Zeppelin in Denmark!  The descendant in question was Eva von Zeppelin who had a run-in with the group a year before over an appearance on Danish TV. The image on the cover of the Zeppelin’s first album didn’t exactly help things.

The reason for the name ‘The Nobs’ being used isn’t entirely clear, though these are some of the quoted possibilities: One — it was a slang term for a part of the male anatomy. Two — it was the last name of their European promoter, Claude Nobs. Three — the word also could mean “a person of wealth and high social standing,” which was appropriate in regard to von Zeppelin.

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