Deciding how to go about a film remake is no easy task, but director Patrick Lussier is fairly clear on his views for the upcoming remake of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser:

“I think the biggest thing is, and we talked about this a lot recently, is that we have no intention of remaking Clive’s movie. Clive’s movie is obviously not like remaking My Bloody Valentine, or Happy Birthday To Me, or Terror Train or Prom Night — those are all very specific movies at a specific time with a specific purpose. As fun as they are, and that’s not to take away from them, they were clearly business ventures. Hellraiser, obviously, was not. It was a personal story for Clive and Clive is a true artist. It didn’t feel right to us to retell Clive’s story. That’s Clive’s story. At the same time, there have been a variety of Hellraiser movies and movies that play within the world that he created. And none of them have really gone behind the curtain of what that world is. So that was basically what we offered up to Dimension Films as something unique and different that stays true to Clive’s originality, but, at the same time, pays no disrespect to! it.”

This was discussed after Lussier and Farmer had been talking about their current projects, Drive Angry 3D, Halloween 3D and Condition Dead.

via Cinema Blend.

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